Top 6 Romantic Destinations for Couples in 2023

Travelling the world is all about finding an escape from stress and the daily hustle and bustle. Exploring new destinations, meeting people from various backgrounds and cultures, experiencing the style of living, and tasting different cuisines are the best parts of a holiday tour. However, exploring the world with your beloved is the ideal way to take a break from your hectic life and rejuvenate your passion. If you have your passport with you, you must consider visiting the most romantic places in the world with one of the best international travel agents in Kolkata.

Top 6 Romantic Global Destinations for Couples

We have come up with a list of places that are perfect for newlyweds and couples who need Valentine’s break or want to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Irrespective of the reason, a romantic holiday will certainly fill your moments with joy and love. Here are some of the most romantic destinations in the world that you would love to visit as a couple:

1. The Maldives

The Maldives are famous as one of the dreamiest archipelagos in the world. Here, you can take pleasure in serene white beaches and marvel at rich and great marine life and a clear blue ocean with unimaginably intense colour. Moreover, you can take pleasure from snorkelling and unwinding on the beach while having a glass of wine and cherishing the magical sundown in the evening. So, book a package with a reputed Maldives travel agency.

2. Paris, France

How can we forget about Paris while talking about the most romantic destinations on earth? Well, Paris is famous as the city of love. And this is a good enough reason to visit this place with your beloved. Strolling along the streets, wandering along the Seine, and taking some snacks at a cafe are some of the loveliest things that you can do here with your beau. Make sure to scale the Eiffel Tower and visit the charming Montmartre together.

3. Krabi, Thailand

The incredible shade of blue water, dreamy beaches, and affordable, flavorful, and aromatic food make Thailand’s romantic beach resorts a must-see. There are many amazing places to select from in Krabi Province. Visit the best Krabi islands and the busy streets and beaches of Phuket. You can go on a snorkelling trip to see the colourful sea creatures or book a long-tail boat to head to Railay Beach. For a bit of lavishness, you can stay at a five-star resort that comes complete with a private pool for lounging and beach access.

4. Hoi An, Vietnam

The popular lantern-lined streets of Hoi An are the perfect spot for candid talks and twilight walks, endorsed by the well-preserved historic architecture of Vietnam, which tells enough stories. The lantern boat rides in the town are the most romantic activities every couple must explore. It combines appreciative confidence and natural delicacy, while Hoi An also has one of the greatest cocktail scenes in Vietnam.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Located on Indonesia Island, Bali is known for its coral reefs, iconic rice paddies, and volcanic mountains. This romantic couple-friendly travel destination boasts marvellous beaches and magical temples. Furthermore, the mountainous places with lush greenery, scenic lakes, and hidden canyons make this island an astounding honeymoon spot. This wonderful place makes sure to create lifetime memories for its visitors.

6. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a pristine and mystical island in Malaysia. If you want to have a fairytale honeymoon, this is one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world. With its luxurious resorts, crystal-clear beaches, relaxing spas, and gourmet eateries, Langkawi will provide all you require for a romantic vacation trip.

What’s more?

Choose one of the above destinations, let Darshan Travels, your global travel agency, book a grand resort or a beachfront villa for you, and select the perfect one for enjoying a romantic holiday with your beau.

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